Keeping your smile natural and healthy

With over three decades of expertise, our goal is to create a healthy, natural and aesthetic appearance for you that lasts for a long time whilst maintaining the preventative components of dentistry.

With our team of specialised doctors, ensuring the safety and comfort of your dental treatments is our top priority.

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Minimally Invasive


Natural and Long Term

About Us

Creadenta is a multidisciplinary clinic founded in 2001 by dentists Duygu Çimli Karaosmanoğlu and Elif Özcan Dulundu.

Dr. Karaosmanoglu and  Dr. Dulundu are highly experienced and knowledgeable dentists with a strong background in esthetic dentistry and minimally invasive treatments, as well as extensive training and lecturing experience.

The Creadenta team, in addition to its founders, consists of six dental assistants, two secretaries, two office managers, three general dentists, and a team of six specialised doctors, all handpicked for their skills and expertise.

Our specialists cover a range of fields, including periodontology, endodontics, surgical implantology, orthodontics, temporomandibular joint specialisation, and paediatric dentistry.

With over three decades of expertise, our mission is to help you achieve a stunning, natural, and long-lasting smile while keeping you on the path of preventive dentistry. Our commitment to minimally invasive procedures guarantees the preservation of your healthy tissues, setting us apart from most of other clinics. 

At Creadenta, we take pride in providing you with comprehensive and personalised dental care. Our founding partners through their more than 30 years of experience in their field, oversee all aspects of your treatment, ensuring that every plan is customised just for your needs and supported by highly skilled and experienced specialists

the Impact of your Smile

At Creadenta, all treatment planning and follow-up are organised by the founding partners, and supported by specialised doctors according to your needs.