Bize Ulaşın

Randevu veya konsültasyon planlamak için lütfen formu doldurun, size en kısa sürede geri döneceğiz. Alternatif olarak, bizi arayabilirsiniz veya bize bir e-posta gönderebilirsiniz; tüm sorularınızı yanıtlamaktan memnuniyet duyarız.

First Appointment

At his first appointment, we will ask you to fill out the form. This form contains your personal information (address, telephone, etc.), general health information (past and ongoing diseases, etc.) and your aesthetic views about yourself. Then, your X-ray taken with a digital panoramic will be evaluated, you will be informed about the problems in your mouth with an intraoral examination, you will be told how to apply a treatment and alternative treatment methods will be presented to your preference. After this comprehensive discussion, the most suitable treatment plan for you will be determined with you, and if necessary, a consultation appointment with our other specialist doctors will be arranged. After the treatment plan is clarified, our office manager will inform you about the prices and your payment plan will be issued. For aesthetic applications, with the mock-up application to be made to you at the first appointment, you will be able to see how your own mouth will change in 3D without touching your teeth. During your treatment, you will be served by our expert doctors under the coordination of Özcan Dulundu, DDS or Duygu Karaosmanoğlu DDS. Please come to your appointment on time so that the appointment times are not interrupted. If you cannot come to the appointment, we kindly ask you to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance. Our clinic works between 09:00 and 18:30 on weekdays.